15 Jun 2022


On May 25, 2022, the Guangxi Branch of Macao Scientific Publishers held the opening ceremony in Jiangnan District, Nanning city. This is another happy event since the establishment of Macao Scientific Publishers on September 1, 2021, marking a new stage in the process of building a science and technology exchange platform.Executive chief Yanqi Wu, executive assistant chief Dongzhi Cai, Youliang Guo and other leaders of Macao Scientific Publishers attended the opening ceremony of Guangxi Branch of Macao Scientific Publishers and jointly witnessed this important moment.  




Under the guidance of Macau University of Science and Technology and with the support of Macau Federation of Science and Technology and Macau Federation of Environmental Protection, Macao Scientific Publishers was established with the approval of the Macao government and Macao Information Bureau.




Macao Scientific Publishers aims to break through the business bottleneck of traditional publishing houses, build an internationally influential and inclusive platform for scientific and technological exchange with the focus on scientific and technological exchange, supplemented by content publishing, and strive to make continuous contributions to public undertakings such as youth scientific and technological innovation, young talent academic exchange and primary medical education. At the same time, we provide professional publishing services of sci-tech journals for global partners, and strive to build sci-tech journals with international influence.



This is our new journey, the start of the dream. Since then, we have taken dreams as horses and live up to youth. In the frenzy of the development of the times, our footsteps never stop, with the wise, and the brave company, each pair of waving shoulders carries hope and strives to move forward towards the established goal.

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