07 Sep 2022

近日,澳門科學出版社旗下雜誌“Future Scientists”獲得標準國際刊號——2957-9023,正式開始收稿。

Recently, “Future Scientists”, a journal of Macao Scientific Publishers (MOSPBS), has received ISSN - 2957-9023 and officially started accepting manuscripts.

“Future Scientists”ISSN證書

“Future Scientists” ISSN Certificate

關於《Future Scientists》 | About Future Scientists

“Future Scientists”封面

"Future Scientists"雜誌是一本面向青少年的科學刊物,致力於為中國及全世界的青少年提供科學交流平臺。該刊主旨是從青少年階段開始培養學生科學研究精神,普及科學知識,鼓勵青少年科學創新,積極探索和發現科學問題,為進入高等院校開展科學研究打下基礎。

"Future Scientists" is a scientific journal for teenagers, it is devoted to providing a scientific exchange platform for young people in China and around the world. Its purpose is to cultivate students' scientific research spirit from teenager, popularize scientific knowledge, encourage  science innovation, actively explore and discover scientific issues and lay the foundation for entering colleges and universities to carry out scientific research.


The research topic of the journal includes: theory, experiment, statistics, exploration and application research on Biology, Chemistry, Medical Science, Computer, Electronic information and other fields, and other teenager scientific research that does not included in the above fields.

關於澳門科學出版社 | About Macao Scientific Publishers(MOSPBS)



Under the guidance of Macau University of Science and Technology and with the support of Macau Federation of Science and Technology and Macau Federation of Environmental Protection, Macao Scientific Publishers was established with the approval of the Macao government and Macao Information Bureau.




Macao Scientific Publishers aims to break through the business bottleneck of traditional publishing houses, build an internationally influential and inclusive platform for scientific and technological exchange with the focus on scientific and technological exchange, supplemented by content publishing, and strive to make continuous contributions to public undertakings such as youth scientific and technological innovation, young talent academic exchange and primary medical education. At the same time, we provide professional publishing services of sci-tech journals for global partners, and strive to build sci-tech journals with international influence.

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